Free Online Challenge - February 26th through March 2nd

The 5 Day Get It Done Challenge

Need to Edit Your Reel? Upload Headshots? Write That Webseries? Create an Acting Website? What Else Is On Your List? Take the 5 Day Challenge and Set Yourself Up to Finally Get It Done!

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with Ajarae Coleman

Acting Resource Guru Founder + CEO


February 26th - March 2nd

  • Look for your daily Challenge email each morning
  • Complete a task in under ten minutes each day and share on Facebook
  • Join Ajarae for coaching via Facebook Live at 11:30 AM Pacific / 2:30 PM Eastern

5 Days Actors Get It Done Challenge

Set Yourself Up to Knock Those Nagging Tasks Off Your Acting To-Do List and Transform Yourself Into a Productivity Machine Attract More Auditions, More Paid Work, and Better Representation!

  • DAY ONE - GET CLEAR: Identify exactly what you need to get done, and zero in on why it's so important. It may not be the reason you think!
  • DAY TWO - IDENTIFY EXCUSES: Identify what is holding you back from making progess, and break down the ways your excuses actually protect you.
  • DAY THREE - HABIT SWAP: It's time to trade some of our less helpful behaviors for ones that will serve us better! But we'll also select some habits to keep on doing.
  • DAY FOUR - GATHER SUPPORT: Identify your knowledge gaps and the areas where you can benefit from more resources. Where are you not getting the support you need?
  • DAY FIVE - MAKE A COMMITMENT: You're here for a reason. Now it's time to walk the talk and make concrete movement toward your dreams as an actor.

If you’re ready to transform your career and accomplish the goals you know you are capable of, then this 5 Day Challenge is for you.

Each day you will complete a short task on your own, share in the Facebook group, and then get live coaching from me. You only have one chance each day to join me LIVE in the Facebook group at 11:30 AM Pacific/2:30 PM Eastern. Sign up right now and get started with a couple of simple pre-Challenge tasks. Then you'll receive your first Get It Done Challenge email in. . .

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Important: We had a very successful group of actors last year, and I am expanding the training in 2018 to include even more techniques, because I may not ever do this kind of live training again. But I am thrilled to be able to connect with you over these five days and share what I have learned over the course of my time as a working actress and entrepreneur. Let's seize the opportunity, and do this together!