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You're doing what you can to legitimately call yourself a working actor. In fact, you've probably already had some success because you are well-trained and proactive. But you worry that you are not doing enough, and let's be real... things are moving S L O W L Y.

You know what you really need is specific guidance and tools to fast track this acting career of yours. You crave a community of like-minded artists so that you don't have to do this all alone anymore.

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Hey there! I'm Ajarae Coleman, working actress and founder of Acting Resource Guru.  

I know how frustrating it can be when you want nothing more than to work consistently as an actor, but you're just not sure what to do to move forward. In fact, I founded my business in 2012 to help myself save money and reach more casting directors. Back then, we provided a platform where other actors could share honest information about schools, casting directors, and talent agencies via anonymous reviews.

Since 2012, my mission has expanded greatly. I have a passion for helping fellow creatives unleash their genius and productive power so they can feel fulfilled and share their work with the world. I believe it is my duty to share what I have learned because we need more compassionate, empathetic storytellers and human beings on this planet right now.

I work often in commercials and my television credits include NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (CBS), SCANDAL (ABC), REVENGE (ABC), THE CATCH (ABC), 2 BROKE GIRLS (CBS), THE McCARTHY’S (CBS), I’M SORRY (Netflix), PERCEPTION (TNT), HIT THE FLOOR (VH1), PRIVATE PRACTICE (ABC), and DAYS OF OUR LIVES (NBC). I am a Backstage Expert, and I share tools and free coaching each week through our video series, GuruTips for Actors. I'm looking forward to working with you in the ARG Pro Membership! 



Broken Record Warning: This business is all about relationships. But you may not know how to create them if you don't already have solid connections. You might feel like you are bothering people, or feel shy about constantly promoting yourself. I get it. This pillar is all about forging authentic friendships and partnerships, so you can start to feel like a collaborator who is an integral part of this industry instead of a needy actor standing on the sidelines.


This is all about how you present yourself as a professional to the world. We’re talking print, video, audio, online, social media - everything. And once you have all of this on point, we'll help you strategize ways to get people to look at it. You will build your audience, and industry decision-makers will start to get to know who you are and what you offer.  


It is frustrating to know exactly what to do and still not make any progress simply because you don't follow through. There are only 24 hours in a day, right? It can feel crappy to have a to-do list so overwhelming you don't know where to start. This pillar is about ensuring you have the tools to act on what you’ve learned and move forward with momentum. There can be a lot of Resistance around having substantial success as an actor if it’s new for you! Allow us to support you.  


#Actorlife is hard. The struggle is real. We deal with constant rejection, fluctuating income, and a lot of uncertainty. We all have those days when it is very tempting to just do something else, right? That's why it is so important that you stay in the game... day after day... and that takes regular inspiration and a keen sense of your mission and core values. That’s what this pillar is all about.  


There comes a time when you can’t do it on your own any more. You need a team behind you, and it better be a good one. Whether your team is "tiny but mighty." or you have a ton of people working with you (agents, manager, assistant, publicist, stylist, lawyer, business manager).... your ability to lead effectively is crucial. As Pro members, we build our teams strategically, and we value strong communication and a spirit of partnership.

Only ARG Pro Members have full access to the research tools on the ARG site, including our master workshop and showcase schedules.



You'll get access to a fresh and relevant live training released every single month. Each month, we select a topic that ARG Pro members want to learn more about... for example, how to get an agent... or how to book your first TV credit... or what to say when you reach out to casting directors... and I teach an info-packed lesson via Facebook live. So you’ll be able to interact with me and get exactly what you need to accomplish your goals. Without any fluff.  

VALUE - $450

Live Monthly Trainings (image)


You'll use our exclusive ARG Pro Facebook group to connect with other actors who are serious about supporting each other so that you don't have to do this alone. We are never competitive, and we're not stingy with our resources. This is the place where you can connect daily with me and the ARG team to get your questions answered.  

VALUE - $750

Online Community (image)


We have partnerships with dozens of trusted businesses that you need as an actor... like printers, headshot photographers, coaches, web developers, reel editors… and even services you need for your life, like car rentals coloring consultants, and food delivery! We’ve negotiated sweet freebies and discounts for ARG Pro members so that you’ll save a ton of money on the things you need to move your career forward and live your life. 

VALUE - up to $1200 per year

discounts on top actors services


Volunteer to receive guidance from me on your most challenging career questions so that you don't have to worry and wonder if you're taking the right actions. If you can't make it live, you can submit your question to be answered. Or you can simply listen in and learn from other actors' experiences and struggles.  

VALUE - $1450

Hot Seat Calls (image)


We bring in producers, directors, working actors, publicists, and other professionals who are working at the top of their field for exclusive interviews that will help you understand their journeys.

We all need guidance and mentorship from people in positions of success, but these people are usually not easily accessible. These industry leaders will inspire you and show you the way forward in your own career.  

VALUE - $650

Actress Parveen Kaur


ARG Pro is a self-guided system with tons of support. You will work your way through the training at your own pace, and on your own schedule, so you never have to miss auditions, or struggle to manage the unpredictable demands of daily life as a working actor. Our interactive checklist guides you through the resources available to you, so you don't miss a beat!

VALUE - $97

ARG Pro Checklist

THE TOTAL VALUE OF THIS MEMBERSHIP IS OVER $4500. But you can join now for this super low price. Webinar price expires soon!

$197 for a full year of access!

Every month, you will hear from an industry professional working at the height of their career.

Check out a few of our past industry experts!

Oscar and Emmy-nominated director, Mel Damski
Digital Strategist Tony Howell

Meet ARG Pro Member Cathy Salvodon. She booked 3 network TV roles and a recurring role on an Amazon Prime digital series in the span of ten months. 

Plus, she was offered a role in an independent feature with a well-connected, rising-star director.

Watch our conversation to learn why ARG Pro is "the best investment she's made in herself as an artist thus far!" more of your fellow ARG Pros!

Mike D.

Mike Dolphy added his first network television credits by building relationships strategically!

"I joined Acting Resource Guru because I thought I needed a community. I was just doing this on my own, and I wanted to be around some like-minded people and be held accountable.

I booked my first co-star role using Acting Resource Guru! My most recent win was a co-star on ALL AMERICAN, and that made me realize the importance of relationshops, which a lot of people overlook.

I ended up shooting a scene with somebody in the group that my agent uses to submit me for projects. So it just ended up being a great community!"

Vanessa Giordano met with Amazon about her pilot! She's grateful for accountability from the group.

"The first film I wrote, produced and starred in has been available to watch on Amazon. Thanks to Ajarae and the group, I've been pushed to keep reaching out to investors and companies to get my next film off the ground, and I am so grateful for the accountability and guidance. Most recently, I met with Amazon about one of my pilots.

I definitely recommend the group to anybody who needs a push. It has helped me stay on track and hold myself to tasks I need to do."

Kristelle Monterrosa upgraded her agent and manager using the ARG Pro process!

"When I joined ARG Pro, I wasn't happy with the number of opportunities I was getting. Part of the problem was that my manager and I were not on the same page about the level of credit I should be going for. And that was really hurting me.

Ajarae and my fellow group members helped me realize that I deserved a better relationship with my rep. It was the last straw when I found out my manager didn't tell me about a meeting with an agent who was interested in me.

With this manager, I wasn't the CEO of my career. She was deciding for me, and I didn't like the results.

Fast forward to today. I implemented the ARG Pro Process for getting a great team. I created my target list and went to a workshop where I met several agents on a panel. A couple of them were interested in me, but one stood out for me because of the way he communicates. I signed with him shortly after our meeting. Now I have two manager offers on the table and I am deciding what to do!"

Kahlie Joyce Metz loves the trainings and support in our online community!

"The ARG Pro Facebook group is an amazing resource. The live training videos that Ajarae does are so helpful! We can get so specific with her during the trainings. There's really no other place like this that offers such detailed help with these kinds of topics.

But the video trainings aren't the only reason I use the group. Whenever I need help or have a question, I post it in the group, and I know I will get a thoughtful response from Ajarae or someone else. it feels like a safe place for me to be honest about what I don't know and get amazing feedback. I even get helpful info when other people post questions!

I think the ARG Pro Facebook group is different from those other Facebook groups with thousands of random actors in them because all of the other Pro members are invested like I am in making this work. We are all paying to be a part of this, and we care about it. We are dedicated to our careers, and it's so important to be part of an online community like this."

Garrett Wilson is accelerating his progress from the beginning!

"I gained so much knowledge within just the first month of joining ARG Pro. Ajarae helped me realize that I had so many resources around me that I wasn't utilizing. I've already organized my days and added office hours each week, which has helped me become a master at getting the important things done.

She's also teaching me how to nurture new and old relationships, and reach out to industry professionals in a professional, confident manner.

As a new actor I'm so thankful for the guidance of ARG Pro and its members, and I feel much more sure of myself as I take the actions I need to take to move my career forward."

ARG Pros inspire and support each other in our exclusive online community...

Sandy is leveling up to guest star auditions!
Daniel is on fire!
Veronica booked a co-star on SWAT!
Kristelle had a powerhouse self tape + is giving back!
Cathy got an agent + booked!
Jessica designed an amazing website that her agent loved!
Leslee had her first series regular audition!
Erica booked a film!

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How Do I Know If ARG Pro Is Right For Me? 

If you can say YES to any of the points below, you're qualified to dive into the ARG Pro Membership and get a ton of value from it. 

✓ You have a true passion for acting, but the business side of the industry is tougher to navigate than you thought it would be.

✓ You are willing to make SMART investments in your career, and you are savvy enough to call BS on scammers and silly crap that you know won't help you.

✓ You are open and supportive of other actors on the same journey as you are. You are willing to share resources, give feedback, and cheer others on.

✓ You don't buy into the idea that success in this industry is ALL about luck. You understand that actors with long, rewarding careers are skillful and well-trained. A TON of purposeful work has contributed to their success.

✓ You are tired of hearing the same old advice for actors that comes from a place of fear... "don't do this... don't do that." You are ready to try some new approaches that have worked for actors who are working RIGHT NOW.

✓ You believe that actors can change the world through storytelling and you feel a sense of duty to share your gifts with the world.



$197 for a full year of access!

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